Vertebral Column


Artwork illustrating details of the vertebral column in a clear and elegant way.

The vertebral column is the series of bones that make up the backbone in humans and other vertebrates. It serves as a structural support for the body, protecting the spinal cord and providing flexibility and movement. The vertebral column is made up of individual vertebrae, which are connected by joints and cushioned by intervertebral discs, allowing for both stability and mobility in the body. Each vertebra has a bony ring that surrounds and protects the spinal cord, as well as various processes and articulating surfaces that allow for movement and stability of the spine. This artwork presents a minimalistic view of the entire vertebral column and should be considered a necessity for everyone working with spinal health.

Educating patients on the vertebral column is crucial in promoting their understanding of its structure and function. By providing information on the vertebrae, spinal discs, and the importance of maintaining a healthy spine, patients can make informed decisions about their spinal health and take necessary precautions to prevent injuries. Our vertebral column artwork will help your patients comprehend the potential consequences of poor posture or habits that can lead to spinal conditions, thereby empowering them to actively participate in their own care.

View the Vertebral Column artwork here on YouTube.

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We recommend using your logo in white or a light colour (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at All prints are done in premium quality. The retractable Roll-up Banners offer clear and concise visual aids in high pedestrian traffic areas, such as conferences, trade fairs, malls and as displays at your clinic.
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*Wallpaper option for this artwork is custom made to perfectly suit any wall at your clinic. We have partnered with Swedish company “Photowall” to offer wallpapers in a special “Peel and Stick” premium option, which is a completely self-adhesive installation that does not require any advanced skills; click here to see a quick installation video. We do not sell the wallpapers in pre-configured options, but if you send us the exact dimensions for your wall at we will prepare a non-binding quote for you.

★★★★★ “Very clean and not so “in your face” like some American products I have seen in the past. Very artistic. Wow!” – 🇺🇸 DC Tony Gill

✍︎ Remarks from the designer

I set out with the clear intention of keeping the design of the Vertebral Column artwork clear and minimal, without unnecessary clutter and distractions. It was important to me to give the column as much space as possible to take centre stage and have the various views of the vertebra positioned at a secondary section to underline their roles in the composition of the column itself. Educating patients on spinal health can greatly enhance the relationship between healthcare practitioners and their patients. By providing patients with clear educational healthcare design, we can greatly improve their knowledge and understanding of their spinal health which leads to increased trust, cooperation, and open communication, ultimately resulting in more successful treatment outcomes and a stronger bond between the practitioner and patient.

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