Forward Head Posture and Cranial Weight


Artwork detailing the increase of head weight from various degrees of forward head posture.

If you need to convince your patients of the immense increase of head weight by poor cervical posture, such as text-neck, look no further! Forward head posture refers to the position of the head being shifted forward in relation to the shoulders, potentially resulting in increased cranial weight. This puts added strain on the muscles and joints of the neck and can lead to various issues like neck pain, headaches, and reduced mobility. Treatment for forward head posture typically involves a combination of exercises to strengthen weakened muscles, stretches to improve flexibility, and posture correction techniques. The addition of percentage increase in head weight will underline your message and improve quick and clear comprehension at the clinic. If seeing is believing, this artwork surely ticks all boxes and will get the point across.

View the Forward Head Posture and Cranial Weight artwork here on YouTube.

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