Waiting Room Video


Get your message across in the waiting room!

Designed for everyone, including DCs, DOs and PTs.
Our waiting room video is an effective and professional way to educate and inform your patients about various health topics. By displaying information in a clear and consistent loop you will create awareness about healthcare topics such as healthy lifestyle choices and better care advice which makes your patients more knowledgeable and proactive in taking care of their own health.

Our Waiting Room Video can also help reduce anxiety and provide a welcoming environment, while encouraging patients to engage in conversations with you and your colleagues during their visit. We have several times heard from our customers, that people who had accompanied patients to their clinics have found useful information in the video, which eventually resulted in them becoming patients themselves.

Kindly visit our YouTube Channel to preview the Waiting Room Video.

A download link of the Waiting Room Video will be sent to after you have approved your customisations. Play the video in a loop on the screens at your clinic, usually by copying the file to an external USB card for your TV. View the preview on our YouTube Channel and feel free to contact us at shop@educare.design if you have any questions. After finalising your order, we will contact you to coordinate the customisation of the video. Part of our service is to assist you with the setup and we will be available during this process as long as you need!

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The Waiting Room Video is designed to promote better care awareness at your clinic. It is 15 minutes long and runs flawlessly in a continuous loop. It consists of edited versions of our 50 SocialClips which have been divided by a fully customisable transition graphic, where you can display your logo, website and colour choice for background. Furthermore; your logo and website is also displayed within each video clip throughout the Waiting Room Video.

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