50 beautiful SocialClips customised with your logo and website!

Designed for everyone, including DCs, DOs and PTs.
The SocialClips can educate individuals on various health topics, emphasising the importance of prevention, early detection, treatment options, and healthy lifestyles. By sharing these videos on digital platforms and social media, your clinic will reach a wider audience, raise awareness, and ultimately contribute to improving overall health and well-being. This package contains 50 high resolution video clips with compelling and visually engaging content that will resonate with your patients and everyone within their circle of friends and families.

Kindly visit our YouTube Channel to preview the SocialClips.

All 50 SocialClips are delivered as separate ready-to-post MOV files and they are a great help for when you simply don’t have the time or energy to generate your own content! Browse the image gallery to view details and contact us at if you have any questions.

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The SocialClips are ideal for keeping on rotation in a mix with our SocialSquares and the SocialReels to maximise messaging with conceptional consistency and strong visuals!

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