Applied Kinesiology Chart, set of 3


Applied Kinesiology Chart Set.

Now also available as roll-up banner and wallpaper for your clinic!
This has been designed pixel by pixel to ensure ease of use for all AK practitioners, as a visual tool that depicts the relationship between muscles, organs, meridians, and specific points on the body. It helps identify imbalances or disruptions in the body’s energy flow and to develop appropriate treatment plans. This chart is used as a reference guide during assessments and allows for a targeted approach to restoring health and balance in the body. Gone are the days when you would have to solve a puzzle in order to cross-reference meridian points to organs to muscles – and easy colour-coding and organ symbols will allow you to find what you are looking for at a glance.

View the Applied Kinesiology Chart artwork here on YouTube.

Available as digital file, poster prints, canvas prints, roll-up banner and wallpaper*. Browse the image gallery with highlighted visuals and view the various options for this artwork, incl. sizes, product type and mandatory logo placement. ⚠️ The AK Chart is only available in English. Contact us at if you have any questions.

We recommend using your logo in white or a light colour (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us at All prints are done in premium quality. The retractable Roll-up Banners offer clear and concise visual aids in high pedestrian traffic areas, such as conferences, trade fairs, malls and as displays at your clinic.
Click here to see our artwork at clinics around the world and click here to read the reviews of our designs and services.

*For the wallpaper we have partnered with Swedish company “Photowall” to offer wallpapers in a special “Peel and Stick” premium option, which is a completely self-adhesive installation that does not require any advanced skills; click here to see a quick installation video. We do not sell the wallpapers in pre-configured options, but if you send us the exact dimensions for your wall at we will prepare a non-binding quote for you. ⚠️ The particular dimensions of the AK Chart does not work well in square proportions, so for wallpaper we recommend choosing a vertical space (as seen on illustration in the image gallery).

“This AK Chart, besides the knowledge it contains and the time saving for the practitioner, provides a beautiful and elegant design to your office.” – 🇫🇷 DC Brice David

“👍🏼 What a nice chart!” – 🇫🇷 DC Laurent Nappée

“It took guts to take on and re-invent the 60 year old classic poster, but you pulled it off!” – 🇩🇰 DC Baekkel

Subcategory; Kinesiology & Reflexology

Subcategory Kinesiology & Reflexology

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