A&P Handouts


Anatomy and Physiology Handouts for better patient education!

These cards are designed for everyone, including DCs, DOs and PTs.
Providing anatomy and physiology handouts can greatly enhance patient education by offering easily accessible and visually engaging resources. These handouts can effectively explain complex medical concepts, empowering patients to understand their own conditions and treatment options. By promoting patient education, your clinic will foster a stronger patient relationship and improve overall patient outcomes.

By adding a back side design, with your contact information and space for notes, you can extend the longevity of the handouts as well as incorporating them into your daily workflow.

Choose between a selection of our Anatomy and Physiology artworks for the front of the cards and pick between a variety of different designs for the backside (optional). If you have other ideas for the design of the back side, please feel free to contact us at shop@educare.design.

Browse the image gallery and choose at drop down menu below which fronts and optional backside you would like to order; each artwork has a different identifying number. Handouts can be ordered in quantities of 250, 500, 1000 and 2000 copies (prints on premium paper only). We will not finalise the order until you have approved all details of the final designs.