Van Gogh & Lateral Cranial Bones


Lateral Cranial Bones.

Depicted on the painting Self Portrait by Vincent van Gogh
From the “Renaissance Collection”. To illustrate names and placement of the lateral cranial bones we looked to the famous self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. The design has intentionally been set up as a classic renaissance art poster that only on second glance reveals itself as educational anatomy and physiology artwork. The visibility of the numbered indicators has furthermore been minimally designed to advance this deception.

The lateral cranial bones refer to the bones that make up the sides of the cranium, including the temporal bones and the parietal bones. These bones are important for protecting the brain and providing support for the head. The temporal bones house the middle and inner ear structures, while the parietal bones help form the top and sides of the skull. Collectively, the lateral cranial bones contribute to the overall structure and function of the skull and serve as a vital component of the skeletal system. We reccommend you to view our other artwork dedicated to the cranial bones here and to the craniofacial muscles here.

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