Better Care Cards


Choose a package of 1, 2, 3 or 4 x 250 Better Care Cards with customisable back side!

These cards are designed for everyone, including DCs, DOs and PTs.
The Better Care Cards help your patients (and their friends and family) understand the importance of taking care of their physical and mental well-being. By being more aware of the factors that contribute to good health and adopting healthier habits, people can prevent diseases and improve their overall quality of life. Increased health awareness can also lead to more informed choices about diet, exercise, and lifestyle, and your clinic’s contact information and space for notes on the back sides, will ensure each card’s usefulness in spreading the knowledge!

Each card you choose will be delivered in a quantity of 250 copies, premium quality prints. Choose between any of our Better Care Awareness artworks for the front of the cards and order a fully customisable back side of the card, where you tell us which information you wish to have displayed. Our design proposal seen in the gallery on this page is only one suggestion, so feel free to contact us at to discuss how to accommodate your wishes for the design.

Browse the image gallery and choose at drop down menu below which cards you would like to order; each artwork has a different identifying number and name. Each card you order will be delivered in 250 copies and we will not finalise the order until you have approved all details of the final designs.

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Click here to see the artworks used at the fronts of the cards in greater detail and in your preferred language. 🁪 Choose one card and receive 250 copies at €0.56 pr card. 🁪 🁫 Choose two cards and receive 500 copies at €0.40 pr card. 🁪 🁫 🁬 Choose three cards and receive 750 copies at €0.33 pr card. 🁪 🁫 🁬 🁭 Choose four cards and receive 1000 copies at €0.29 pr card.

These A6 size cards (14.8 cm x 10.5 cm, standard postcard) are only available to order as printed cards. Size of the cards in inches are 5.82″ x 4.14″. We recommend using your logo in white or a light color for the artwork on front of the cards (ask us if you need assistance). Upload logo at checkout or send it to us with your instructions for the back side of the cards at

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