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Questions & Answers

+ thoughts from the designer, Kasper Smith

These are some questions that I have received regarding my designs – they are not in any particular order, but I hope the answers might be able to help you better understand my intention behind this website. If you still have questions, please write me at or use the form at the bottom of this page.

Why the name

The name is an abbreviation of educational healthcare design. The word “educare” furthermore means to teach in latin (and in Italian). It very succinctly sums up what my designs try to achieve, while it also avoids adding limitations towards any particular group of healthcare professionals.

Is there any particular order to the artworks you have chosen to create?

I am still creating new artworks, so my catalogue is always expanding. I choose any new project by either hearing someone talking about a specific need or by seeing something that I absolutely know that I can improve on. Once I have done the first few drafts, I take it trough a panel of healthcare experts and incorporate their thoughts and ideas. This results in a version that will get produced for real-world application where the designs are presented to patients at any of my “collaborator clinics” and if this stage gets good feedback, I will finally have the new artwork translated in 10 languages and uploaded for sale here.

What if I have an idea?

If you have a specific need for some piece of educational healthcare design that others could also benefit from, then reach out to me. The idea is to help everyone understand the benefits of responsible and professional healthcare, which is best achieved by throwing all ideas on the table and see what comes out of it!

Are the artworks shipped from Italy?

Only if you are located in Italy. My printing partner has facilities in all major countries and each artwork is custom printed in whichever country your clinic is located. This saves expenses, time and is better for the environment. It furthermore allows me to offer free Worldwide delivery on everything!

Is free worldwide delivery really true?

Yes …but perhaps with some limitations. The designs are produced and sold all over the World and I am proud to have my artworks on display at clinics in Brisbane, Dubai, Milan, Copenhagen, Ottawa, Los Angeles and a lot of places in between! However; I can’t say for sure if my current printing partner can deliver everywhere, but we haven’t had any issues with delivery yet. I am also happy to work with my customers to find a new printing solution near them. At the very least, I also offer my designs in a reduced price digital format so that customers can choose to have the artworks printed themselves. I guarantee that we will find a solution for delivery wherever you might be located, regardless of the size of your order!

What if I find an error in a translation?

I don’t speak all the ten languages that I offer the designs in, but I do speak Danish, English, Italian and German, as well as basic Norwegian and Swedish (similar to Danish), so that’s more than half of the languages (on offer). The Portuguese, Spanish, French and Dutch versions are translated with help of friends and collaborators. ⚠️ If you find any error in any language on any of the artworks, I very much appreciate your corrections and I will quickly fix the error and happily offer you the edited design at a reduced price as my sincere thanks!

What if I need something customised?

Then we will find a solution. Simple as that! I have yet to loose a customer because we haven’t been able to find a solution when working together, so just write me at if you have any specific requests not readily available at this website. Reaching out and hearing my ideas for a potential solution will cost you nothing.

How should I hang the artworks?

My customer service instinct tells me to tell you; however you want. But my designer OCD very much wants to tell you to hang the artworks completely aligned so that each text line from the posters are aligned with the poster(s) hanging next to it! All the designs, with almost no exception, has been created to align with each other and thereby allowing an unhindered choice to mix and match them as you see fit. Note the red lines on the two pictures underneath for examples on how the texts (pict. one) and the graphics (pict. two) are consistently aligned.

Can I help?

Absolutely, and thanks for asking! My biggest challenge is to reach out to healthcare professionals on a very limited marketing budget. I have great confidence in the artworks and believe that word of mouth and referrals from happy customers will help me spread the word, but this is a slow process and you can certainly help me by sharing amongst your colleagues and professional network. Please leave my designs a review at Google and share them on Facebook and Instagram – this has an immediate impact and is a huge help achieved by only a few clicks!

Are you looking to expand?

Within reason, yes. My designs have broad appeal towards everyone working with healthcare and I also offer artworks specifically created for chiropractors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. I would like to collaborate more closely with physiotherapists and I am eager for a partnership with psychologists to also include mental health in my artworks. Please write me at if this appeals to you and if you have any thoughts on assisting me.

My final pitch!

I am not only the owner of, but also the designer behind every piece of artwork and your one and only contact person throughout the entire shopping process. This might give some insight into the level of attention and dedication I offer my customers, because who could be more motivated than me?! Don’t take my word for it; please read the reviews

♥️ Thanks for your interest in

Kasper, January 2024

Kasper Smith,

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